englanders is a pb community based in london. we want an active fp coupled with a friendly environment that encourages you to make use of connecting. ic drama is encouraged! evidence of ic/ooc blurring will result in immediate removal and banning. mods cannot be responsible for anonymous behaviour and suggest you switch off anonymous commenting. we'd like to see an effort made to interact outside core storylines. otherwise, the usual rp etiquette applies. questions?

review our activity requirements
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friend the mod journal
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submit (2) thread, narrative, or substantially coded examples here

please have a backdated ic and screened post, including basic information about your character. the character cap is (2). if you choose to apply a second character, dropbox your existing username instead of examples. acceptance depends on current activity.

submissions are due between the first and last day of each month. members added after the fifteenth are only required to post their introductions!

(1) interactive (random) post. you must reply to comments to be considered active
(1) update (narrative, thread, substantial coding effort, etc)

instagram, twitter, snapchat, and etc. are allowed but to encourage variety, please limit social media posts to (1) update per type of social media per month.